GHOST OF MAYFLOWER ...The author Tamera Lawrence is an excellent, competent, credible writer who uses descriptive words that flow smoothly into the story and also includes pictures that are fascinating and frightening! The Chapters are dated so everything is chronological which is nice and no skipping around. Barbarian
I love the way the author wrote of the characters experience in the book and in spots, it was like you would anticipate what may or may not happen. Great storytelling to the facts


Mary Stitely

The Ghost of Mayflower tell a tale of the paranormal encounters of several people at the Mayflower building at Pennhurst Asylum in Pennsylvania. It is a perfect read for thrill seeker looking for further evidence to believe that ghosts and paranormal activity do exist!


By: Penn Name

All of the unsettling events ultimately take you on a ghostly and chilling ride right up to the end. Lawrence writes a solid story that mystery and paranormal fans will love. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a great and entertaining read. I can't wait to for Lawrence's next book.  Jennifer Chase

"What a great story with all the mystery and paranormal you could want! Loved It!"


Brenda Barton

"I could not put this down!!! Such a great book! It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time!!"  

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